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# Add a product

Navigate to Products -> Click Add Product button.

# Product Details

product details

Add a Title you want your product to be displayed as.

Input the Price of the product and select the currency from the drop down.

Add a Description of the product for customers to view, this supports Markdown.

# Product Stock

Under the Product Stock section, select the Type of product you are adding. For a more detailed overview of Types, see our How to add stock to a product help article.

product stock

# Custom Fields

Custom Fields will be displayed when a customer is on a checkout page and can be made a requirement to proceed with the checkout process. E.g. Discord - input customer Discord ID.

# Miscellaneous

In the Miscellaneous section a Webhook URL can be added, this is optional. For further information regarding webhooks, refer to the API documentation.

Crypto currency confirmations are what determines when the crypto currency payment is considered complete by Shoppy.

# Delivery

A text to the purchase email can be set by enabling the delivery option:

  • [x] Attach text to purchase email
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